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We appreciate an at least 24 hour cancelation notice, we charge 50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment with less notice.

We love that our salon has no fumes or smells of artificial fragrances & request that when visiting us, you refrain from wearing perfumes, or strong smelling lotions, hair products..... we have become very sensitive to artificial fragrances, which disrupt the endocrine system. No judgement if you're not sure what to replace these products with, that's what we do! We diffuse essential oils and have them for sale in the salon, and have many other suggestions.

We also understand as a first time guest you may not know what products are best, using hair products that contain silicones build up on the hair and effects the hair negatively over time. Silicones build up on the hair and we may recommend a detox to remove them. Continuing to use these products while having your hair done at our salon can effect the performance of our color & styling of the hair. BUT, no need to feel bad if you are currently using them, we are here to educate and help move you into a much better haircare direction.

Rebooking is recommended for a specific time and day you prefer. 

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