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It is our mission to provide every guest with a salon experience that you look forward to during every visit.  Nestled in an environment , free of fumes, where you can expect a feeling of relaxation. Essential Oils diffusing throughout to set the mood, while enjoying a cup of tea, in a peaceful space...

At WholeListic Hair & Wellness, we  achieve beautiful hair & beauty results with our organic products...and YES, our color covers grey hair!

Blond Wavy Hair
Hair Washing

 We include a thorough consultation to discuss your haircut and color options.  You can expect an education on product use,  why we use them,  guidance for easier styling, and suggestions on a hairstyle and/or color that suits your lifestyle.  Before your service is started, it is our purpose to ensure you are relaxed, knowing at the end of your visit, you will leave feeling more tranquil with hair that feels and looks better than before!

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